So, how are we different?

We took the only mathematically proven unbreakable encryption algorithm – the One Time Pad (OTP), then we systematically removed its 4 main limitations – key length, key randomness, key distribution & key storage so that we could abstract complexity and truly secure your data.

Current encryption algorithms depend on mathematical problems that are thought to be difficult to solve, such as integer factorization or the discrete logarithm. However, any mathematical breakthrough (including Quantum & AI compute) would render all existing encryption useless.

As our solution builds on the One Time Pad – we do not rely on mathematical complexity, but on scientific proof, immune to both brute-force attacks & zero message based attacks.  Trying all keys simply yields all possible plain texts, all equally likely to be the actual plain text.  

Our patented software solution makes it simple for developers to encrypt & decrypt data in the application layer code, safe in the knowledge that your data is secure from “Post Quantum” compute as well as AI adversaries. Find out a little more below:


One Time Pad => Perpetual Pad ™  

By extending the One Time Pad, and remove it's limitations - we can utilise a key of any length, and using Entropy Augmentation, we can extend this key so it's length is longer than the message length, all whilst achieving the following:


  • increasing the Unicity distance of the key
  • increase key and cipher text enrtropy
  • reduce key and cipher text redundancy


Entropy Augmentation ™

Our patented software creates multiple random number generators deployed as a neural network, with full entropy recycling.  Entropy is converted to keys on demand, then destroyed to maintain Perfect Secrecy.


Our roadmap supports a next generation key distribution solution integrated within the protocol, ensuring that asymmetric keys and operations occur within a shielded container.

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Deterministic, Probabilistic & Chaotic

Our Entity stream is chaotic, but is also deterministic and probabalistic.  No currently known encryption algorithm is capable of attaining this level of security, that can also be deployed simply with 3 lines of code to support all known use cases.

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Shannon Secure & Perpetual Equivocation ™  

The definition of perfect secrecy is based on statistics and probabilities. A ciphertext maintains perfect secrecy if the attacker's knowledge of the contents of the message is the same both before and after the adversary inspects the ciphertext, attacking it with unlimited resources.  


Using Perpetual Equivocation ™ our patented software ensures that conditional entropy never equals zero, therefore achieving Perfect Secrecy.

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Zero Trust & No Keys Architecture

A Zero Trust Architecture assumes that there is no traditional network edge, meaning that we continually validate, authenticate and authorise actors within the system, using dynamic policies.


Key generation, distribution, and management occurs automatically without human intervention.

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Quantum and AI Secure

All security subcomponents run on top of or within the base encryption engine – the secure foundation – protected within a shielded zone.

As our solution is Shannon secure, even with infinite computational power and time - we are both Quantum Compute & AI secure.  

Reasons you should choose Incrypteon for your encryption today?

We are the only application layer encryption solution on the market that delivers Quantum & AI secure encryption, that’s simple & quick to implement and that works for any use case.

With just 3 lines of code – use encryption that’s post Quantum & AI secure that works with any application, over any protocol, using any language and for any use case.