About us

We founded Incrypteon on a simple belief that a company’s most valuable asset is its data, and today, more than ever, we believe this data is not adequately protected, nor is it simple or transparent to implement this protection.   We want to change this.

Our mission is to democratize encryption

  • …making it simple for all developers to implement encryption for all their use cases with just a few lines of code.
  • …making it trivial to transition from existing encryption technologies, making it easier to be quantum ready.
  • …providing a set of libraries that are application, language and protocol agnostic – ensuring it works the same everywhere.
  • …removing the need for complex infrastructure & hardware architectures – enabling application layer encryption.
  • …removing the need for this architecture to be managed by many teams, to just one team – optimising costs for people, license and infrastructure and reducing time to change.
  • …all whilst securing data to be ready for a Quantum & AI future.
We wanted to reimagine encryption in ways that move our planet forward, giving everyone the tools to protect their own data, on their terms.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to elevate industry security standards, so that the only encryption we accept provides unconditional security – in that it cannot be broken even if an adversary has unlimited compute power & time. We want organisations to have 100% confidence that their data is secure, and we want to abstract away complexity.

Our Mission

Our mission is to democratise encryption and abstract away complexity, giving developers & organisations a simple set of SDK’s / software libraries to encrypt & decrypt data that will support use cases in any sector, in any geography, to be deployed in any software, using any language over any protocol on any device.

Our Vision

Our Vision is a world where all data is secure against Quantum Compute threats & Artificial Intelligent adversaries.  We want to make it so simple to encrypt & decrypt data using Incrypteon, that there is no viable alternative (from a security or cost perspective) if companies want to protect their data in a post quantum world.

Our Culture

We place great value on culture. Indeed, “Culture eats Strategy” (thanks Peter Drucker) for breakfast (but we have both, so that’s ok).
We hold ourselves and our people to the highest ethical & moral standards. We select for, and cultivate, values-based leadership across all of our teams and we look for people who do the right thing, even when no one else is looking – this is true leadership and we believe it’s very important.
We’re a product-focused deep tech company led by founders who’ve built successful startups before.  Incrypteon is at that exciting stage of growth where every person that joins the team can have a significant input into our combined success, but equally, also drive our culture.
So, we need to use our collective experience to hold ourselves true to our purpose, mission and our vision, in order we may simplify & strengthen security for the benefit of all.  Together we can secure a better world.

Ian, Helder and Steve – Incrypteon Co-founders.

Meet our leadership team

Our leadership team has over 80 years collective experience working in every sector, and in every technical role in an organisation – so we truly understand problems developers & organisations face in respect of encrypting & protecting data in both simple & complex environments.

As a team we share an obsession and passion to simplify & strengthen encryption to give people & organisations the tools they need to do this.  Please check out our bio’s below to find out more and connect with us.