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With just 3 lines of code –  encrypt all your data to achieve post Quantum & AI security that works with any application, over any protocol, using any language and for any use case

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What is Incrypteon?

Encrypt any data before it leaves your application, to protect from a multitude of threats and adversaries.  Our application layer encryption protects data from sophisticated attackers, supply chain attacks, quantum attacks, AI adversaries as well as insider threats.  


Application Layer Encryption +++

Patent granted software that uses both Entropy Augmentation™ and Perpetual Equivocation™ to extend the One Time Pad and in the process remove all limitations.  Incrypteon is THE ONLY solution available that achieves Perfect Secrecy at Scale, AND is Quantum & AI Secure, AND is available now, AND works for all use cases.

Reasons you should choose Incrypteon for your encryption today?

We are the only application layer encryption solution on the market that delivers Quantum & AI secure encryption, that’s simple & quick to implement and that works for any use case.

With just 3 lines of code – use encryption that’s post Quantum & AI secure that works with any application, over any protocol, using any language and for any use case.