Works for any Use Case

Encrypt any data before it leaves your application, to protect from a multitude of threats and adversaries.  Our application layer encryption protects data from sophisticated attackers, supply chain attacks, quantum attacks, AI threats and insider threats.

Client to Server Architecture

Supporting typical client server architectures deployed on premise or in the cloud. This includes n-tier websites, console to server side applications, serverless and APIs through to relational and non-relational data - we can support various use cases to encrypt your data.

Node to Node Architecture

Supporting distributed node to node architecture, as well as disconnected and connected IOT devices. Our use cases supports everything from smart meter, EV and energy networks, through to telecom devices, industrial systems and retail networks and logistics nodes.

Apps, Firmware and Devices

Supporting use cases for deployment onto lower power devices, automation networks, through to android, apple and windows devices where we support App Store deployment to deliver a client / server or node / node mode to encrypt data between apps and devices as required.


Internet of Things (IOT) ready

Our solution is secure from Post Quantum compute and AI adversaries, meaning that we deliver an Application Layer Encryption solution that is Future Ready, today.  Its simple to implement, low latency & quick so that it supports your exacting requirements

Reasons you should choose Incrypteon for your encryption today?

We are the only application layer encryption solution on the market that delivers Quantum & AI secure encryption, that’s simple & quick to implement and that works for any use case.

With just 3 lines of code – use encryption that’s post Quantum & AI secure that works with any application, over any protocol, using any language and for any use case.