What sectors does Incrypteon work with?

Incrypteon works across a myriad of different industry sectors, and we work with you to solve any that we’d not thought of.  From the device to the data centre, we think we’ve got everything covered. 


From securing data in the home, to electric vehicles and charge points, through to the connected city, energy grid, trading and beyond.  It's clear the challenges in the Energy sector are vast and require an encryption platform that can support security of data at scale.


From banking, insurance and trading, through capital and clearing, securing finance data for organisations and the consumer is complex and requires a solution that can scale to billions of transactions, at low latency.  Don't worry, we've got your covered.

Public Sector

As Public Services become increasingly digital the need to secure exchanges of data between agencies and the individuals accessing the services becomes increasingly critical, to reduce fraud, reduce cost and transition to  Digital First world.


Todays B2B and B2B2C world is dependent on secure exchanges of data between suppliers / customers and the logistics / supply chain plays a key role in this complex exchange.  EDI or API based data exchanges are vulnerable to exploitation, our technology ensures critical data remains safe during all exchanges.


In a sector that invests billions of dollars in Research & Development for new products, protecting and securing the highly sensitive and classified data is a mission critical activity. As clinical trials become more ubiquitous, it is vital that customer data & interactions are encrypted to protect all aspects of the value chain.  


From encrypting e-commerce transactions and card details, through to ensuring in-store devices to aid the customer experience encrypt data to ensure we maintain a high level of privacy, the real-time nature of retail demands an encryption solution that is simple to implement, low latency and quantum secure.

Reasons you should choose Incrypteon for your encryption today?

We are the only application layer encryption solution on the market that delivers Quantum & AI secure encryption, that’s simple & quick to implement and that works for any use case.

With just 3 lines of code – use encryption that’s post Quantum & AI secure that works with any application, over any protocol, using any language and for any use case.