Principle Developer – Full Stack C#

Full Time , Nottingham, UK

We founded Incrypteon on a simple belief that a company’s most valuable asset is its data, and today, more than ever, we believe this data is not adequately protected, nor is it simple or transparent to implement this protection.   We want to change this.

Our mission is to democratize encryption

Incrypteon has multiple global patents that have been granted, enabling application layer encryption that is quantum and AI secure.  We need great people to help us deliver against our mission.  Our goals are to:

  • make it simple for all developers to implement encryption for all their use cases with just a few lines of code
  • make it trivial to transition from existing encryption technologies, making it easier to be quantum ready
  • provide a set of libraries that are application, language and protocol agnostic – ensuring it works the same everywhere
  • remove the need for complex infrastructure & hardware architectures – enabling application layer encryption
  • remove the need for this architecture to be managed by many teams to just one team – optimising costs for people, license and infrastructure and reducing time to change
  • secure all data from a Quantum & AI future

What you’ll be doing

As one of our Principle Developers, you’ll be accountable for extending the technical roadmap and capabilities for our technical platform, both server side and for all of our SDK languages.  This role will work with stakeholders and other developers to design and implement technical data solutions for the business in a way that balances quality, cost, time and maintainability.

Skills & Qualifications

  • Seasoned developer, having worked for many organisations in many verticals, so aware of the challenges and technical considerations
  • Extensive experience in both client side and server-side DotNet programming languages
  • Extensive development experience across multiple cloud computing platforms (Azure, AWS & GCP)
  • Experience in SQL Azure, Yugabyte DB, distributed non-relational storage, pub sub and distributed queuing technologies
  • Big data processing frameworks and concepts
  • Lead on DevOps practices, tooling and frameworks
  • Demonstrates excellent stakeholder manager skills – ability to communicate very effectively with the rest of the team

What we are looking for

We are looking for people who are committed to the vision for Incrypteon with the skills, tenacity and attitude to make this a reality.