We remove these pain points in your organisation

As well as delivering a solution that is Quantum and AI secure, we are focused on removing and abstracting complexity surrounding encryption.  Existing solutions are built on 40 year old innovation, that deliver pseudo security ie, it’s complex to factor prime numbers, therefore it takes a long time.    

Incrypteon is the only solution that goes back to first principles and delivers mathematically unbreakable encryption. Plus we wanted to make it easier, faster and cheaper to use along the way as well…

Complex Key Management

No need for complex PKI processes or infrastructure, including purchase & secure management of certificates through to revocation & renewals across all environments.  We simplify and abstract all of that complexity.

Multiple teams required

No need for complex team interactions and handoffs between Developers, DevOps, Infrastructure and Security teams. With just 3 lines of code, 1 developer can encrypt data across all of your organisation.

Dedicated Infrastructure

No need to purchase and manage expensive infrastructure to store certificates including FIPS 140-2/3 compliant data stores, as well as key and secret stores as we manage that cost and complexity for you.  

Transition Complexity

Simplify your product and service transition to a post quantum and AI secure world by starting the process now, avoiding adversaries who follow a store and decrypt later strategy.

Time To Implement

Reduce time to market by using our SDK that enables implementation with just 3 lines of code, avoiding the need to co-ordinate multiple teams or purchase any additional infrastructure.

Expensive hidden TCO

Hidden costs of ownership including people, certificates, infrastructure, plus lost time implementing, co-ordination & management are removed.  We keep it simple based on a per event cost.

Reasons you should choose Incrypteon for your encryption today?

We are the only application layer encryption solution on the market that delivers Quantum & AI secure encryption, that’s simple & quick to implement and that works for any use case.

With just 3 lines of code – use encryption that’s post Quantum & AI secure that works with any application, over any protocol, using any language and for any use case.